Heavy-duty desktop three-axis dust-proof plasma cutting machine

The heavy-duty desktop three-axis dust-proof CNC plasma cutting machine series is a high-quality product carefully developed by our company. It adopts human-computer interaction interface and is a high-speed, precise and automatic integrated desktop cutting machine. It uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to make the workpiece. A process in which the metal at the slit is partially melted and the metal of the high speed plasma cutter is used to exclude the metal to form the slit. Suitable for automatic cutting and cutting of medium-thick metal sheets.

  • Type: Shoe & Bag,Mechanical Manufacture,Metal & Plastic,Electronic&Appliance,Advertising &Gifts


Applicable to automobile engine protection board, chassis cabinet, garden wrought iron, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, ventilation and refrigeration, security door manufacturing, mechanical processing, wind turbine manufacturing, engineering machinery, steel construction, boiler manufacturing, shipbuilding, petrochemical equipment, light industrial machinery, Sheet metal unfolds cutting, pressure vessels and decoration, and large-scale signage manufacturing.

Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and sheet metal cutting, blanking, galvanizing, white steel, copper and other metal sheet cutting and cutting operations

Detail Parameter

Model JP1325JP1530JP1340JP1540JP1550JP1560
Working Area(mm)1300*25001500*30001300*40001500*40001500*50001500*6000
Plasma Power Supply
Chinese Huayuan/American Hypertherm
Control SystemBejing STARFIRE control system/Shanghai Fangling control system
Torch Height ControllerShenzhen HYD torch height controller/Shenzhen On-Time torch height controller
Nesting Software
Motors and DriversLeadshine stepper motors and drivers/Japan Panasonic servo motor
Working Mode
Untouched arc striking
Working Voltage
380V,3phase/220V,single phase
G code

Performance Advantage

1. The whole adopts the full welded gantry structure, the YX axis adopts the domestic precision gear rack (helical rack) transmission, the Z axis adopts the pneumatic plus automatic height adjustment, guarantees the cutting speed and precision.

2. The beam is designed with light structure, which has the characteristics of good rigidity, light weight and small motion inertia.

3. The cutting mouth is small, tidy, no slag phenomenon, and avoids secondary dressing processing.

4. The cutting speed is fast, the precision is high and the cost is low, and the cutting effect can reach the lower limit of laser cutting.

5. The numerical control system has high configuration, automatic arc ignition, stable performance, and the success rate of arc ignition is over 99%.

6. Support standard G code path files generated by software such as Wentai, ARTCAM, Type3, etc. You can also read DXF format files generated by software such as AUTOCAD through software conversion.

7. Electrical components are all well-known brands, such as TMP, CHINT, OMRON, etc., and the failure rate is low.

8. The control circuit adopts professional shielding wire to effectively shield the interference and the operation is stable and reliable.

9. The towline adopts famous domestic brands, with high speed, high precision and good stability.

10. The whole machine adopts imported flexible protective cover to effectively protect the lead screw and guide rail to prevent the chip from being stained and affecting the accuracy or damage.

11. The whole machine adopts a heavy-duty bed design, which has large bearing capacity and stable operation.

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