High precision 6060 1390 fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber cutting machine is the perfect combination of fiber laser technology and CNC technology, representing the most advanced laser cutting level. Fiber cutting machines are widely used in advertising metal characters, stainless steel kitchen utensils, hardware cabinets, sheet metal processing, auto parts, environmental protection equipment, etc.It has faster cutting speed and higher cutting precision.

  • Type: Advertising &Gifts,Electronic&Appliance,Metal & Plastic,Mechanical Manufacture,Lighting


 High-precision fiber laser cutting machine series equipment, mainly for high-precision cutting of metal materials ,such as electronics and electrical appliances. Optional CCD visual positioning system for high precision camera positioning laser cutting. It is mainly used for precision machining of precision sheet metal parts such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, brass and copper.

Detail Parameter



Working area


Max speed


Reposition accuracy


Height of Z axis


Laser power

300W 500W 700W 750W (可选)

Power supply

220V 50Hz/60Hz 
380V 50Hz/60Hz


Performance Advantage


1. Whole casting bed, with high precision and stability, effectively eliminating the shock generated during high-speed cutting.

2. With power, frequency and speed follow function, effectively reduce cutting burrs at the corner of the shape.

3. Automatic lubrication system, the transmission parts are maintenance-free and can cut corrosive materials.

4. User-friendly software operating system, support a variety of graphic forms, support breakpoint memory and processing order browsing, with powerful material library function.


 Application case



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