Double Head CCD Laser Cutting Machine

The double-head CCD laser cutting machine adopts the advanced technology CCD technology for accurate and automatic alignment cutting, which improves the production efficiency. The video capture card adopts high-quality coding technology, and the pattern is taken into the computer through the visual system in the studio. After that, the workpiece can be automatically searched and positioned accurately for cutting.

  • Type: Shoe & Bag


The company adopts the world's leading CCD technology, a laser cutting machine specially developed for trademark, embroidery, weaving, and printing punching and cutting, which provides a complete set of special-shaped cutting solutions for users in the industry.

Applicable materials: leather, cloth, wool, plexiglass, plastic, film, rubber, etc.

Applicable industries: computer woven plaque, trademark, embroidered leather label, three-dimensional standard, printing standard, high-frequency pressure standard, special-shaped trademark pattern cutting and various process embroidery, fabric printing, film printing and other non-metallic materials, precise positioning and cutting hole.

Detail Parameter




Working Size(mm)

1200 × 900

1300 x 900

Laser Power(W)

60w / 80w / 100w /130W/150W

Engraving Speed(mm/s)


Cutting Speed(mm/s)


Positioning Accuracy(mm/s)


Power Supply

AC 220-240V,50/60Hz

Support Format



Trademarks, embroidered patches, garment accessories, and other non-metallic     materials


Performance Advantage

1. Solved the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive due to traditional manual positioning and waste caused by human factors;

2. It can identify large-area graphics, and one person can look after multiple equipments at the same time, saving a lot of labor, electricity and space, and comprehensive cost-effective;

3. Automatic edge recognition, jigsaw cutting, strong recognition ability, fast positioning speed, high positioning accuracy

4. Support feature matching, two-point positioning, multi-template positioning, contour extraction and other positioning methods;

5. Graphic editing, layout, control, and output are completed in one stop;

6. Support multi-source data formats: BMP, AL, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.;

7. It can carry out special processing on the opposite sex standard, accurately control the output power, and cut the three-dimensional embroidery mark in layers;

8. Cutting precision, fast cutting speed, no leakage, no chaos cut, high cutting efficiency and large output.

Application case



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