Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine supports automatic coding, serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, automatic skip number, etc. It is suitable for pipeline marking. The integration is high, the power consumption is small, the structure is compact, the performance is stable, the professional bracket can be conveniently installed on the assembly line, and the assembly line with complicated working conditions can also cope with ease, and can easily adapt to the demand of industrial mass production.

  • Type: Advertising &Gifts


Suitable for non-metallic materials such as paper packaging, glasses, buttons, crystal, plastic products, label paper, leather fabrics, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood products.

Used in the beverage industry, food industry, medical, construction, clothing, ceramics, leather, handicrafts, rubber, furniture and other industries.

Function: Mark, engrave and cut all kinds of letters, words, numbers, graphics and patterns.

Detail Parameter





Laser Power(W)




Marking Area(mm)

70 × 70 / 110 × 110

Minimum Line Widthmm)


Minimum Character(mm)


Marking Speed(mm)


Working Voltage


Machine Weight(Kg)


Working Environment

Clean, less dust,Temp:10~35°C, Humidity:5~85%

Total Power(Kw)


Performance Advantage

1. Stable quality. Adopting industrial CO2 laser generator, digital high speed galvanometer, embedded flying marking controller to make the machine system integration high, low power consumption, good structure and stable quality.

2. Easy operation: Adopting touch screen and easy control interface to make it easy for the new learner.

3. Digital high speed scanning galvanometer: fast speed, stable quality;

4. Smaller space occupation: The integration installation of optical cavity and control cabinet, adjustable lifter with different direction can be applied to different production line easily.

5. Completed function. Supporting different function as below which can meet customer’s needs from different industries:

a). DXF, PLT and other type photos; supporting bitmap font, TTF letter and self-developed letter;

b). long distance marking, different tubes and different barcode or two-dimensional code flying marking; supporting multiple correction;

c).multiple missing marking, alarm and other I/O miscellaneous function;

d.) automatic generation of date code, time code, serial number;

e.) automatic skipping marking.

Application case



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