Split CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Split CO2 Laser Marking Machine is a high-performance laser processing equipment. All important parts of the machine are made of world famous brand products. The performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable, the appearance is beautiful and the service life is long, especially for the long time work. The system ensures that the system is adapted to overload operation and work in harsh environments.

  • Type: Packaging & Printing,Textile&Garment,Advertising &Gifts


Suitable for non-metallic materials such as paper packaging, glasses, buttons, crystal, plastic products, label paper, leather fabrics, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood products.

Used in the beverage industry, food industry, medical, construction, clothing, ceramics, leather, handicrafts, rubber, furniture and other industries.

Function: Mark, engrave and cut all kinds of letters, words, numbers, graphics and patterns.

Detail Parameter





Laser Power(W)




Marking Area(mm)

110 × 110 / 200 × 200 / 300 × 300

Minimum Line Widthmm)


Minimum Character(mm)


Marking Speed(mm)


Working Voltage


Machine Weight(Kg)

141 / 146 / 170

Working Environment

Clean, less dust,Temp:10~35°C, Humidity:5~85%

Total Power(Kw)

<1.75 / <2.05 / 5.9

Performance Advantage

1. Spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform, and the output optical power is stable, meeting the mainstream market application requirements;

2. Digital high speed scanning galvanometer: fast speed, stable quality;

3. Powerful control system, optimizes the processing data according to various application, supports multi language switch, and up to 256 color layer management functions, meets the application requirements of most industries;

4. Split frame, independent operation table, compact structure, free and flexible placement, effectively saving space on the production site of the user;

5. Optical path system adopts a double-layer sealing structure to prevent dust from entering the optical path cavity and improve the service life and use efficiency of the core device.

Application case



Working hours: 9:00 on Monday to 18:00 on Friday